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Servo Voltage Stabilizer

It is commonly observed that, AC main supply is never 230 Volt or 415 Volt, but varies from 150 Volt - 300 volt...

Isolation Transformer

transformers also provide an extremely useful feature called isolation

Step Up Step Down

We offer high quality Step Down Transformers. It is hard wired, durable with a heavy duty chord

Online UPS - 50x Series

The 50 X Series UPS offer offers a high quality power supply utmost reliability, protecting guarding your critical and delicatedevices .It protects the systems from protection from all types of power disturbances including Lighting Surges, Voltage Sags Harmonics Power outages. Our UPS are widely used in a wide base of applications like front office, hospitals, hotels, schools, laborites etc.

Product Features Advantages

  • Highly reliable and efficient.
  • Output is always true sine wave.
  • 50 X Series UPS is designed for harsh environment.
  • High Frequency for PWM Technology.
  • Input Output is galvanic ally isolated.
  • IGBT based technology suitable for all kinds of loads.
  • Compact Elegant Design.
  • Available from 1 KVA to 10 KVA in Single phase.
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