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Servo Voltage Stabilizer

It is commonly observed that, AC main supply is never 230 Volt or 415 Volt, but varies from 150 Volt - 300 volt and 300 Volt - 500 Volt.

Isolation Transformer

Isolation Transformers reduces the inter winding capacitance to a level below 0.005 Pico farad and increases DC isolation to over 1000 M ohms.

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We offer high quality Step Down Transformers. It is hard wired, durable with a heavy duty chord.

Servo voltage stabilizer

isolation Transformers Delhi, India

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Owing to the huge variations in the power supply, problems like over loading and line losses are rampant. These not only damage the costly equipment of your factories and industries but also become a reason behind the falling productivity. To save you from such hassles and headaches, we present to you the Servo Voltage Stabilizer that not only balances the variations in power supply but also reduces any chance of damage due to power fluctuations. These stabilizers employ continuously variable auto transformer, buck-boost transformer, AC synchronous motor, state of the art IC closed loop control system with all protection, metering, indication and control system to give all equipment the desired protection from any power surge. Being the leading Servo voltage stabilizer manufacturer in the world, we also manufacture the Servo controlled voltage stabilizer that comes with the provision of manual voltage correction.


We are manufacturer These Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer from 5kVA to 15 kVA in single Phase and 15kVA to 1000 kVA in three phase. Servo Voltage Stabilizer are used in a variety of industries, such as.

  • IT company
  • Plastic Moulding Machine
  • All Electrical / Electronic Equipments (Motors, Lighting, Electrical Oven, Furnace etc.)
  • Medical Equipment (CAT scan, X-Ray machines, Physiotherapy )
  • Printing & Packaging Industries
  • Food processing industry
  • Chemical Plants, & Textile Units
  • Air Conditioning
  • Commercial Building & Complexes
  • printing & packaging Industries
  • Communication & Broadcasting Equipment

Protections : ( Optional)

  • Single phase protection
  • High & Low voltage cut off
  • Short circuit protection
  • Bypass arrangement
  • Over load protection

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