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Servo Voltage Stabilizer

It is commonly observed that, AC main supply is never 230 Volt or 415 Volt, but varies from 150 Volt - 300 volt...

Isolation Transformer

transformers also provide an extremely useful feature called isolation

Step Up Step Down

We offer high quality Step Down Transformers. It is hard wired, durable with a heavy duty chord

Step Up/Step Down Transformers

Step Up Step Down Transformers

If you are looking for the perfect solution to protect your electrical equipment, then you are at the right place. Servo sine is renowned for manufacturing and distributing world-class transformers. The transformers, we manufacture, house superlative components for the best result. Our experts design and manufacture several types of transformer including step-up and step-down transformers. The step-up transformers, we manufacture, are perfect for situations where the voltage output is greater than the voltage input. On the other hand, our step-down transformers are best for situations where the voltage input is greater than the voltage output. Since we believe in quality products and services, all our transformers are insulated with mylar, nomex, kraft paper, varnish and other materials to discourage short-circuitry.

The step up-down transformers, manufactured by us, have the following features

  • Longer operational life, i.e., 20 to 25 years of acute protection
  • No moving parts to encourage safety
  • Excellent turns ratio
  • Consumes extremely less power
  • Excellent insulation in between the turns of the wires prevents short circuitry


These step-up and step-down transformers are widely used for:
  • Printing machines
  • Imported appliances
  • Imported machines operating at

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